Preskočiť na hlavný obsah


well, just so you know
I refuse to live with myself
for another fifty years
not to mention seven hundred

not that I exactly buy
that we as species
could ever hope to expect
to have that much time on our hands
but just as an fyi, I don't plan on
using all the time I could have

I'm fine with dying in the ripe age of 27
even if things could get better
(especially if they could get better)
better is relative
as much as beauty being in the eye of the admirer

living gives me anxiety
that I can't take
little bits and pieces
that frustrate and scare me
and I just don't think it's worth it
to stick around for that

I've seen enough
I've experienced enough
I've had enough

give me a reason to stay alive
I'm serious, I don't see it
(I never did)
everything is temporary
but that means I am too

and I'd rather die being able to remember
what I remember now
without new memories
clouding the old ones

and maybe I'm just full of shit
as always
scared of death as any other
who reads this shitty piece